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Phoenix Fabricators Enhance Safety with NAVIS Wind System

Phoenix Fabricators Enhance Safety with NAVIS Wind System

Project Challenges

Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors leveraged the NAVIS Wind System to safely raise and modify a 100-foot water tank, adding a 40-foot extension, despite challenging conditions near a high school. With over 15 years of experience in building and renovating large water tanks across the US, Phoenix typically handles such projects with routine precision. However, this task presented unique challenges including limited site space and restricted crane mobility.

Site Constraints and Solutions 

The project, complicated by the proximity to active school premises and constrained workspace, required meticulous planning and execution over nine months. On the critical lift day, the success hinged on accurate wind measurements, a need previously unmet by conventional weather stations.

“On lift day, we relied solely on the Navis system… it was the deciding factor for us and it performed perfectly. This thing is badass!”

Introducing NAVIS Wind System 

The Navis W410 X Series, discovered by Kurt Fuller, Engineer of Record for Phoenix, during a targeted online search, has direct line of sight capabilities and a user-friendly smartphone app for real-time data monitoring made it an ideal solution. Setup was straightforward: the system was installed using magnets, and within seconds, began transmitting vital wind speed and weather data.

Execution and Results 

This real-time monitoring proved invaluable. "On lift day, the NAVIS system was our go-to for deciding whether to proceed," Kurt stated. The system's precise data allowed the team to execute the lift smoothly and complete the project in under seven hours—a testament to the efficiency and reliability of the Navis technology in critical construction scenarios.

“It went even better than we’d planned. We’ll be using the Navis system on every project like this going forward.”

About Phoenix Fabricators & Erectors: Leading Steel Water Storage Tank Providers

Industry Expertise and Comprehensive Services 

Located in Avon, Indiana, Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors, Inc. stands as a premier provider of steel water storage tanks for both the potable water and industrial sectors. As a single-source solution, Phoenix offers comprehensive services encompassing engineering, fabrication, foundation installation, field construction, and painting. This integrated approach ensures seamless project execution from start to finish.

Unique Capabilities in Tank Modification 

Phoenix distinguishes itself as one of the few companies globally with the specialized capability to modify, raise, or lower existing water storage tanks. Their unparalleled expertise in this area demonstrates their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in managing complex storage tank projects.

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