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Transforming Performance with the Navis Wireless Wind Speed Sensor

Transforming Performance with the Navis Wireless Wind Speed Sensor

Optimizing the Use of Wireless Wind Speed Sensors in Competitive Shooting

Competitive shooting is a challenging sport that demands exceptional precision and control. At the Extreme Benchrest competition, amateur shooter Jim Ramsay showcased how integrating advanced technology into traditional shooting practices can revolutionize the sport. By using a Navis Wireless Wind Speed Sensor, Jim was able to compete alongside and beat the seasoned professionals, underscoring the sensor's effectiveness in improving shooting accuracy.

Extreme Benchrest Shooting

Extreme Benchrest is an annual shooting contest hosted in Arizona by Airguns of Arizona alongside the Phoenix Airgun Club. The rifle rests on a stationary support, minimizing external variables. Competitors focus intensely on trigger control, maintaining steady breathing, and optimizing gun performance. According to Jim, wind conditions play a critical role in this precision sport.

Participants start the contest by qualifying at a distance of 75 yards. Following several rounds, the top shooters advance to the final challenge at 100 yards. Scoring is based on how closely shots land to the center of a target, with the bullseye roughly the size of an aspirin tablet.

Wind Measurement in Shooting

Traditionally, wind measurement at shooting events has relied heavily on visual wind flags, requiring significant skill and experience to translate flag movements into actionable actions. Jim, seeking a more accurate and efficient method, turned to technology for a solution. An online search turned up Navis Wireless Wind Speed Sensor supplied by Bigfoot Crane Company Inc., a device designed for construction sites but perfectly suited for the shooting range. This tool provided real-time, accurate wind data directly to his smartphone.

 “Even from reading the brochure online, it seemed to be exactly what I needed so I got a system sent out to me.” - Jim Ramsey

The Competitive Edge Offered by Navis

Navis wind sensor technology gave Jim the continuous updates and historical wind data. This feature allowed Jim to make informed decisions based on average wind conditions, adjusting his shots according to real-time analytics. Unlike other competitors who used more primitive tools, Jim's strategic placement of his Navis wind sensor enabled him to measure wind speeds more relevant to his shooting trajectory, giving him a distinct competitive advantage. “There was a definite strategy involved. I could watch the running history to see how much I had to adjust, just by using the sighters to see when the wind speed would return.” Jim figures he was the only person using the Navis Wind Speed Sensor technology at the competition.

The Navis Wireless Wind Speed Sensor was a big hit with everyone but I really appreciated it at a completely different level because I hadn’t had time to fully train using the wind flag system.” - Jim Ramsey

Results and Recognition

The innovative approach paid off, his performance at the competition not only challenged the norms of amateur and professional boundaries but also set a new standard in the use of technology in sports shooting. His success led to discussions and exchanges with other enthusiasts keen on exploring technological solutions for improving their own shooting accuracy.

Jim Ramsay's experience at the Extreme Benchrest competition underscores the potential of integrating modern technology like the Navis Wireless Wind Speed Sensor into traditional sports practices. His story is a compelling example of how embracing innovation can lead to remarkable achievements, even for those new to a field. This case study not only serves as inspiration for amateur shooters but also as a testament to the evolving landscape of competitive sports where technology can play a role.

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