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On-Set Safety with the Navis Windy Smartphone Anemometer

On-Set Safety with the Navis Windy Smartphone Anemometer

Ensuring Safety on Set

Safety is crucial on movie and tv production sets, particularly in an industry where capturing the perfect shot often involves lifting people and equipment high into the air. Teddy Sapp, a seasoned key grip from Shreveport, Louisiana, emphasizes the importance of safety and logistics on set. "Wind speed is a critical factor on set for making informed decisions," he notes.

The Role of Anemometers in Safety

Adhering to strict safety guidelines necessitates the continuous monitoring of wind speed and temperature, typically through anemometers. Teddy had previous experience with various models but was particularly impressed by the Navis Windy Smartphone Anemometer. "It significantly enhances on-set safety," he remarks, citing its smartphone integration as a game-changer because it allows simultaneous access to real-time wind data by everyone on set.

“What really sets the whole system apart from the other wind meters is the smartphone compatibility.”

Enhancing Decision-Making with Real-Time Data

This feature enables lift operators to check wind conditions directly on their phones, allowing them to make safer and more accurate decisions about proceeding with filming. "It's all about managing risks effectively," Teddy adds, advocating for the anemometer's use in managing on-set safety and logistics. "With its base station, it forms an ideal system for anyone responsible for safety on set."

Teddy Sapp: A Seasoned Film Industry Professional

Teddy Sapp brings nearly 25 years of experience to the film industry. Beginning his career as a Third Grip, he climbed the ranks to become a Key Grip, a role he has excelled in for over a decade. His extensive filmography includes more than 50 films, TV movies, and series. Currently, he is working on the "Salem" TV series. His notable works include feature films like "Now You See Me," "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn," "Zombieland," "We Are Marshall," and "Sweet Home Alabama."

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